Crime Blotter for September 12-18

Art piece shows the words Crime Blotter above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Samantha Gullikson

Monday, September 12

  • The sliding glass door of a University Park apartment was shattered by an unknown suspect.
  • Three students and one resident of the University Park Apartments were referred for disciplinary action for a drug law violation.
  • A victim reported that their unattended skateboard was stolen from a classroom the week before classes started.
  • An unattended wallet was stolen from a woman’s restroom in the Valley Performing Arts Center.
  • A skateboard was stolen from Manzanita Hall by an unknown suspect.

Tuesday, September 13

  • A backpack was stolen from a secured locker at the Student Recreation Center by an unknown suspect.
  • A student reported that an unknown suspect was sending them various annoying messages electronically.
  • CSUN officers arrested four suspects for trespassing on private property near the school. Two were released at the scene with notices to appear and the other two were transported to Van Nuys jail for booking for outstanding warrants.
  • A student reported that another student had challenged them to a fight after a disagreement during class on September 6.
  • An unknown suspect collided with a victim’s vehicle in the B5 parking structure and failed to report the incident.

Wednesday, September 14

  • An unknown male suspect collided with the security arm of the G9 parking lot on his bike. The arm broke and the suspect did not return to the scene of the crime.
  • A victim and their partner were involved in a physical altercation at the University Village Apartments.
  • A ‘No Parking’ sign was knocked over in the G3 parking structure by an unknown suspect.
  • A victim’s secured bicycle was stolen from a rack outside UPA 14. The suspect is currently unknown.

Thursday, September 15

  • CSUN officers arrested a suspect for driving without a license and for having no front license plate. The suspect was released at the scene with a notice to appear.
  • A suspect was arrested by a CSUN officer for driving with a suspended license.
  • Two male suspects approached a victim in the B6 parking structure and demanded his wallet. When the victim told them that he did not have it, one suspect hit the victim multiple times. The suspects fled when witnesses told them they were calling the police.
  • A suspect collided with a vehicle in the G3 parking structure and left without reporting the incident.