Attempted kidnapping reported to be ‘unfounded’


The Department of Police services building is located at the corner of Darby St. and Prairie St. This is the central location for all lost and found items on campus. (File photo)

Michele Rodriguez

The attempted kidnapping that took place on Sept. 27 involving a CSUN student was concluded to be false, according to CSUN Department of Police Services.

In an email sent out around noon today, the department of police services declared the claim to be “unfounded,” stating the incident did not take place.

The incident was said to have occurred off-campus near Dearborn, between Reseda and Darby. The alleged victim stated she was grabbed from behind by an unidentified man and began to kick and scream in order to escape, eventually running to the CSUN police department soon after.

A description of a suspect was sent to the CSUN community, heightening concerns and anxieties regarding safety.

Business marketing major Rikke Gasner, 25, said the report gave her a false sense of worry.

“It is kind of scary to know that it did take them a month [to find the report false],” Gasner said.

The email from CSUN Department of Police Services assured students and faculty safety will remain a top priority, promising timely updates and alerts as potential safety threats occur.

Thiana Martinez, a 21-year-old public relations major, said her sense of safety on campus has not changed for her even after learning the case was false.

“I feel like anything could happen at any time,” Martinez said. “I’m already doing what I can to stay safe.”

The same is true for 19-year-old criminology student Maria Marmol, who said her parents often voice concerns for her safety on campus.

“They’re always telling me not to walk around when it’s dark or stay out too late,” Martinez said. “They just want to make sure I’m safe even at school.”

*Update – 11:10 a.m. on Oct. 26: The CSUN Department of Police Services and the Devonshire Division of the Los Angeles Police department have no further information at the time. It has not been determined if the student who claimed the attempted kidnapping will be charged.