CSUN waiting before making a decision on Prop 64


Photo Credit, Werner R. Slocum/MCT

Han Byol Yi

If California Proposition 64 passes on Nov. 8th, students, faculty, and administration who are 21 years or older can legally smoke marijuana starting Jan. 1, 2018.

Whether or not CSUN will allow possession of marijuana on campus is still up to the chancellor’s office attorneys to interpret. However, smoking on campus seems clear cut to Liberty Freeman, the office manager of residential life, as CSUN adopted a smoke and tobacco-free policy in the fall of 2015.

“Regardless of the substance, any kind of smoke is not allowed in CSUN property,” Freeman said.

Colorado Daily, the Colorado University news site, reports similar no smoking regulations are in place at the university.

The Vice President for Student Affairs, William Watkins, said only after the proposition is passed will the chancellor’s office start interpreting how Prop 64 impacts school regulations.

“Students who are into those things, always find ways to do it,” Freeman said.

Ernesto Acajabon, a 33-year-old psychology major who is voting for Prop 64, agrees with Freeman.

“I still see [cigarette] smokers on campus,” Acajabon said.

Watkins and Freeman both voiced concerns for CSUN’s large commuting student population.

“It would be dangerous for public health if commuters are under the influence while driving,” Watkins said.

Watkins also said if Prop 64 is passed, CSUN administration will have to start studying how laws like Colorado Amendment 64, Washington Initiative 502, and Oregon Ballot Measure 91 affected their state colleges and universities.