AS survey results show students prefer Oviatt commencement

Andrew Martinez

By Taya Zoormandan

Associated Students (AS) President Tiffany Zaich shared the results of the commencement ceremony survey at the AS meeting this morning, which over 4,300 CSUN students completed and used to share their input regarding locations and ceremony types.

“The top choice of the four we put on the survey was the Oviatt Library location with separate graduate and undergraduate ceremonies,” said Zaich. “It received 43.62 percent of the vote.”

Finalized commencement plans are expected to be relayed to CSUN students in December.

AS also approved funding for the biology department’s request for research of coral production as a mediator of the effects of ocean acidification.

“We’re looking at how we can mitigate the adverse effects of acidification,” Nicolas Evensen, a graduate biology student, said. “We want to research the anthropogenic, or human, impacts on the coral aggregations.”

The senate unanimously approved the suggested funds, $2,000, for the biology department.

Alina Sarkissian, chair of clubs and organizations, later gave a presentation on combating club redundancy.

“We have a lot of clubs that arguably have similar mission statements, which could arguably become one club,” said Sarkissian. “I want there to be a diversity, and a lot of clubs that are different from each other.”

CSUN currently hosts over 300 clubs and organizations, rendering them collectively the largest on-campus student advocacy group.

Sarkissian expressed plans to consult with similar clubs, clarifying that she does not wish to infringe upon students’ rights, especially with clubs that are recognized by the university regardless of similarity.

The next AS senate meeting will take place at 9a.m. in the Grand Salon of the University Student Union.