Seize Valentine’s Day as a single individual



Pete Girard, right, leads a hike on Squak Mountain, which is usually snow-free. (Ken Lambert/Seattle Times/TNS)

Mengran Wu

Feeling a bit overwhelmed being single as Valentine’s Day is drawing nearer? If you are one of the guys or gals out there who feels a bit insecure about the upcoming special occasion due to the lack of a special someone, then you ought not to be.

While we are well aware of Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to celebrate their romantic relationships, there are many of us who will be spending this occasional day as single guys and gals as well. But rest assure, don’t feel discouraged if you are one of them.

However, you should steer away from your perspective of being discouraged, and encourage yourself to explore the options as there are hundreds upon hundreds of social interactions that do not involve a “date.”

Don’t sit around indoors and neglect the outdoor activities. Set your mentality and think openly. Moreover, Valentine’s Day isn’t intimidating at all if you think about it. It’s just another normal day with a little bit of flavor added to it. There are a variety of ways on how you can make it special even without the need of a date.

Some of the CSUN students express their thoughts on Valentine’s day.

When asked what would you do if you are spending it as an individual, the students’ feedback are actually largely common.

A senior general sociology student Auxi Romero said, “I would get together with a few friends and go out for drinks and dinner,” when asked what would she would do on Valentine’s Day if she had been single.

Another sociology student Jennifer Hernandez, expressed her opinion casually that she plans a night out with her close friends. “It serves as a distraction from ‘boys’ and to remind ourselves that Valentine’s Day is not only amongst couples. Love can be celebrate among friends as well,” said Hernandez.

But of course, spending it with our friends isn’t the only way of expressing fun and love. Let’s explore what are some great ways to spend your “Galentine’s Day” shall we?

Spend it with your parent(s): No love is stronger than the affection between a parent and a son/daughter. Take the chance and spent it with your mother or/and father. Nothing is more satisfying than a son expressing his love for his mother or a daughter expressing her love for her father.

Spend it with your friends: Treat it just like any other day. Go out with your friends as pairs or as a group. The more, the merrier. If you want to avoid places where it is heavily influenced by Valentine’s Day atmosphere, then there are immense amounts of places to visit: hiking trials, arcade, shooting range, lazor tag or restaurants.

Have a battle of the sexes party: You can host an indoor house party that consist of competitions between males and females. Play multiple player games where friends can go up against one another. It is one of the various ways you can conjure up a great party. And for all you know, you might just end up with a date.

Fall is the perfect time to throw a fondue party. It’s easy and fun. (Carl Juste/Miami Herald/MCT)

Plan a fondue party: Best part of the day isn’t the lovey-dovey stuff. Host a party with friends, and gather snacks, candies and chocolates. There are no greater ways to satisfy your happiness than to a nice set of warm and cool desserts.

Volunteer: It’s not as boring as it sounds. And as a matter of fact, it would be the perfect way of spreading love on Valentine’s Day. No one deserves to be singled out or neglected on a special day. So pick your opportunities and volunteer. Nothing makes you feel more pleasant than to help out and care for your community.

So do not fret if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day. Explore your environments and options. This holiday is just as fun and exciting for singles as it is for couples. So when February comes, you better get your butt out there and plan some excitement!