Colorful “All That Art” at CSUN


Photo credit: Rose Barraza

Rose Barraza

Students de-stressed while painting on canvases and old vinyl records between classes and exams Thursday.

The University Student Union hosted “All That Art” at the Plaza Del Sol which allowed students to participate in completely free interactive art activities, such as spin art, easel paintings and more.

Lines continued to grow as students grabbed old vinyl records, placed them onto spinning platforms and squeezed their favorite colors onto the record, which then created their unique art pieces.

Students could then head over to the guessing game table that featured framed art work of artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Andy Warhol, to name a few. Participants would write their answers on a white dry board, trying to guess them all correctly.

The event also featured a small colorful ball pit, big enough for two people at a time, which encouraged students to have a ball and make a friend. Colors were everywhere at the event.

“Color is joyful,” said Connie Schuh, owner and artist at Blank Canvas in Thousand Oaks. “You know what? Creativity is born in all of us.”

Schuh taught students to express themselves using every possible color while painting hearts on their canvases.

“This is a one time event for the semester,” said Stephanie Riley, USU Special Events Assistant. “But we do have other art events that usually happen every Thursday at noon, it’s called Craft Corner.”

As more students joined, USU members brought out more art supplies to place on the Dr. Seuss themed tables. Students drew and colored pictures of characters such as Pikachu and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

Artist Conner Tingley walked in with his blue nose pit-bull and a huge blank canvas before sketching his gesture onto the blank slate.

“I normally paint in studio. I’ve normally been drawing, but I kind of transferred over to painting because it’s a lot more expressive,” Tingley said.

Tingley used a number of art materials during his art session including black spray paint, pink and baby blue acrylic paint, newspaper and gold foil.

“Students just really love the opportunity to take a break from class and come out and be creative,” Riley said.