Sundial Songs of the Week: Fall Series, Vol. 7


Vincent Nguyen

After a week spanning several hundred memes, dance imitations, and photoshopped GIFs, here are options for those to flee the catchy vibe of the “Hotline Bling.”

This week, the mastermind behind the song that sprouted the now infamous music video is featured with his track “With Me.” Kanye West makes his appearance on the track list with “When I See It,” his take on his beat for the Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends.” Without further ado, check out the rest of the playlist and keep your sanity intact!

Crazy P

Scrap The Book

This funky track tops summarizes the mood of the set: the relaxing vibe with moments of upbeat fun.



blackbear booked a spot on the playlist last week as a featured artist in Skizzy Mar’s track “Chemistry,” and he’s got some of his own music to share. “idfc” is a heartbreaking song encompassing the artist’s catchy, R&B vocals.


Caretaker Feat. SZA (Extended Version)

SZA mesmerizes anyone who listens to her vocals, and her collaboration with D.R.A.M.’s new track off his new album creates an amazing ambiance. The consistency between voice and production quality makes this track even better.

Wynton Marsalis


Here’s a classic cool jazz track in the modern era. Wynton Marsalis is a veteran of the genre and has performed with the biggest artists and on the biggest stages, reflecting the sounds the greats like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.


With Me

Why does this beat sound familiar? It’s because dvsn is the man behind Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and “Hold On We’re Going Home.” dvsn has some tracks out on his Soundcloud, but “With Me” has a sweet sounds to it, something similar to his work with Drake, but nothing too similar in case you’re sick of Drizzy.