CSUN Students Getting Caffeinated


File Photo/The Sundial

Taylor Clayton

Coffee for a college student can be their best friend and while some students may need it more than others, the essential questions are where is everyone getting their coffee and what kind of coffee helps CSUN students get through the day?

Freudian Sip barista and CSUN student Elizabeth Suzuki gave a run down of all the drinks served at the Freudian Sip in the University Student Union section of campus. Most people get the shop’s regular cup of coffee, and according to her it’s with good reason.

“If we are talking regular drip coffee, I actually really like the coffee we use,” Suzuki said. “It’s called Ground Works Black Gold coffee. I’ve had others and many taste like they have some acid to me. Even the light roast Freudian Sip sells has a slight bitter taste.”

While Freudian Sip is the go-to place to get coffee on campus, some students prefer to get their coffee off campus.

CSUN Senior Heidi Weinrich will do just about anything to not drink the coffee served on campus; she either brews it at home or goes to other coffee shops in order to avoid the coffee sold at CSUN.

“My favorite coffee to brew is Yuban, but my favorite coffee shop to go to is Starbucks,” said Weinrich. “I need at least one cup of coffee a day or else I get a headache. I absolutely hate the Freudian Sip.”

As far as that new pumpkin spice latte that comes around every fall, Weinrich isn’t opposed to it.

“I actually really like pumpkin spice lattes, but I have to get it with less pumps because it is too sweet,” she said. “It also tastes better iced.”

While coffee seems to be a driving force behind a lot of students’ lives, there are a select few who just use the coffee shop on campus to study or get hot tea.

“I don’t really drink coffee at all, I never really liked it,” said CSUN graduate student Stephanie Fischer. “I drink black tea for caffeine.”

According to the Tuesday sales report from opening until 7 p.m. at the University Student Union Freudian Sip, out of 595 beverages sold, 362 drinks were teas and coffee. Of these drinks, 90 of these were teas, 111 were of the espresso variety and 161 were drip or iced coffee; the rest of the drinks consisted of soft drinks and other bottled drinks.