CSUN COVID-19 counts: Update as of April 22

The trend of positive COVID-19 cases at CSUN between students and employees, who were on campus while infectious, as of Friday, April 22, 2022. Data is sourced from the Matadors Forward COVID Dashboard.

Jack Titter, Reporter

The number of CSUN students and employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 this year, and were on campus while infectious, has increased from 696 to 721 as of April 22, according to the Matadors Forward COVID Dashboard.

There were 22 students and three campus employees who tested positive for COVID-19 between April 16 and April 22.

Vaccine booster rates continue to climb, with 52.08% of students and 76.45% of employees attesting to having received their booster shots. This is a 1.6% increase for students and a 2.37% increase for employees since last week.

Vaccination rates currently sit at 88.1% for students and 94.8% for employees, based on self-reporting. CSUN has given vaccine exemptions to 7.4% of students and 3.6% of employees.