Style Hunt: A chic and effortless ensemble


Wynnona Loredo / Staff Photographer

Kristine Malicse

Wynnona Loredo / Staff Photographer
Wynnona Loredo / Staff Photographer

Name: Kianna Monique Brown

Major: Apparel Merchandise Major

1. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I really love model Jourdan Dunn. She’s a London-based model. I also love following this girl on Instagram named Joanna Kuchta and I love her cute halter tops. I also love Tumblr and love Nasty Gal clothing.

2. Where do you shop for clothes?

My favorite places are NastyGal, Urban Outfitters, Sheinside (clothing website). I also got my bag from Valfre who is Mexican-based artist. She has bags, cell phone cases, and clothes.

3. What are you currently wearing?

Today was cold and I didn’t feel like wearing my favorite sweater so I just threw this on. My outfit is affordable. I got this jacket at Target, my shirt from TJ Maxx, my pants are from Forever21 and shoes from Cathy Jean.

4. What music are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to to this indie band and I just saw them in concert. They are called Milo Greene and they came out with a new album a couple of weeks ago. Their music is really relaxing and when I feel down I listen to it.

5. What shows are you currently watching?

I watch a lot of shows! I am finishing up “The Office”, “The 100”, and “Legend of Korra.”

Kianna is also a member of CSUN TRENDS where it will host its own fashion show this April.

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