Review: Chandler Juliet brings music to ‘Welcome Day’


Kennth Lord, Dean of the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, introducing Chandler Juliet (image credit: Jake Tully)

Jake Tully

If there has ever been any misconception that there are only select programs at CSUN that foster artistry and talent. David Nazarian’s College of Business and Economics is ready to prove that untrue.

Enter Chandler Juliet, songstress and Management major at CSUN. Both an endeavorous student and an award-winning musician with an enormously musical pedigree, Juliet’s performance on campus this Tuesday dispelled the mythos that only art students get to have fun.

In celebration of the fall semester, the College of Business organized Welcome Day 2015, an event to welcome back students and faculty. Event oraganizers chose Juliet as their sole live entertainment for the afternoon.

“It is an honor to have Chandler as our student,” said Kenneth Lord, Dean of the College of Business and Economics as he introduced Juliet to the crowd. “She is clearly headed for stardom and we’re thrilled she’s chosen the business skills our program has to offer to help her in her career.”

Despite the flurry of students gathering food from vendors and visiting booths to gain information on business clubs, Juliet’s performance stopped nearly everyone around her to give a listen. Those with free food piled high and CSUN swag goodies couldn’t help but to stop and add Juliet to their Snapchat story.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and a set of pipes to take anyone’s breath away, Juliet dispelled the mundane nature of semester convocation events, delivering a delightful and empowered set to her fellow peers.

“It was great to perform at Welcome Day because I saw a lot of my classmates and introduced my artistic side to them,” said Juliet. “Usually they get to see just academic Chandler in class. It’s always great to perform in my hometown.”

It didn’t take long at all for Juliet to become the center of attention at Welcome Day. Performing original songs from her EP Loud Heart as well as Adele and Ed Sheeran covers, attendees of the show were mesmerized by Juliet’s ability to adapt any song she performed to her unique style. Part rock, part pop and entirely crowd pleasing, Juliet’s signature brand of songs about youth and heartache rang throughout Juniper Hall.

“Writing music is therapeutic for me,” said Juliet. “Hopefully when someone listens to my music they can relate as well, especially if there’s a hardship or a similar theme in our lives.”

Juliet’s presence came off an entirely humbled during her stint onstage. Effectively acting as her own roadie and equipment manager, Juliet contemplatively noodled around on guitar as she completed her own sound check. Though Juliet won best Indie Pop Record at the 2015 Indie Music Awards, the acclaim doesn’t seem to have gone to her head.

“Chandler has always been into music as long as I have known her,” said friend and CSUN finance major Sabrina Klivansky. “Considering how far she has come it makes me proud to know her.”

In addition to Juliet’s live performance, many of the booths at Welcome Day offered CDs with Juliet’s songs as well as stickers she provided to the event. Nearly everyone in attendance got a chance to take something away from one of the most musically talented students David Nazarian has to offer.

“It might be a misconception that people in this program aren’t overtly creative or talented because there’s so much left brain thinking,” said Juliet. “In reality, it takes a great deal of creativity to overcome problems in business world. The people at this school are incredibly talented and I consider myself lucky to be among them.”

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