CSUN places 7th in #MyTopCollege Campaign


Frank Washington and Earl Jay Loredo talk before classes start on Saturday. Photo credit: Zack Rome

Zack Rome

CSUN snagged seventh place in the 5th annual #MyTopCollege social media contest sponsored by Forbes.com.

Forbes comes up with a list of top colleges each year, but started this contest because the numbers don’t tell a story. For example, how a student feels about his or her campus.

Each year Forbes comes up with a particular theme for each year’s contest, this year’s being impact. “How did [CSUN] transform your life?”

According to Forbes website, each participant wrote their responses on their respective social media platforms, and tagged #MyTopCollege to vote for their school. The winners were announced on Aug. 10, and due to the support for the campus, CSUN was able to place in the top 10 out of all the schools that participated. This compares to coming in 5th in last year’s contest.

“I participate every year since I’ve known about it because I am proud to be a CSUN alum and I want everyone to know how great CSUN is,” said Jorge Reyes Salinas, 25, who graduated with a Masters in Communication Studies from CSUN in 2018. “This school has changed the lives of many students including myself.”

Other students felt similar to Salinas.

“I can be very proud knowing that my school is one of the top 10 in impacting lives,” said Leila Mirfakhraei, an incoming freshman who is majoring in graphic design.

There was a drop in the rankings from 5th to 7th from 2017-2018. Some students believe that CSUN’s ranking would improve if there are some changes.

“I think the campus has really grown for the better since 2010 when I started here,” said Salinas. “I would improve parking though; other than that I think CSUN has transformed into an innovative university.”

Other Cal State schools in the top 10 included Cal State Fullerton at #1, Cal State Long Beach at #2, as well as Cal State Chico at #6.