COVID-19: Newsom, Garcetti issue ‘stay-at-home’ emergency orders


Logan Bik

On Thursday California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state-wide ‘stay-at-home’ order in attempt to slow the spread COVID-19.

Alyssa Durant, Assistant Campus News Editor

Covid logoGovernor Gavin Newsom has announced the first executive stay-at-home restriction for all California residents in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. His order came shortly after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti officially called for local residents to stay at home.

“This is a moment in time, and it’s a challenging moment, and it may be many moments in the foreseeable future, but nonetheless we will process,” Newsom said. “We will work together through this moment of challenge and we will triumph over fear, anxiety and this disease.”

Mayor Garcetti issued his emergency order at a press conference with the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Thursday afternoon, stating the new precaution goes into effect at midnight.

According to Garcetti, the “safer-at-home” measure will remain intact until March 31, 2020.

“Los Angeles, this our moment to lead with love and protect those lives that mean everything to us,” Garcetti said. “This is not a request, this is an order.”

Additionally, city officials authorized the indefinite closure of all indoor malls, shopping centers, playgrounds and non-essential retail businesses. Essential workplaces that remain open for business include banks, gas stations, health centers, grocery stores, transportation services and government agencies.

The orders come a day after Garcetti established an $11million economic relief package for small businesses hurt by the ongoing pandemic.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we’ll do everything possible to help them survive this crisis,” said Garcetti. “This program will offer the support they urgently need to be in a better position to stay in business, retain employees, and thrive again when we get past this very difficult moment.”

City officials have stated there are 230 COVID-19 diagnoses in LA as of Thursday. According to local medical professionals, the number of confirmed cases in the county rose by 40 cases overnight. There have been two coronavirus-related deaths in LA County so far.