CSU Chancellor says fall 2020 semester will be mostly virtual


David J. Hawkins

CSU to announce plans for the upcoming fall semester.

Orlando Mayorquin, Campus Editor

California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White announced that the upcoming fall semester will be primarily virtual in his report at today’s CSU Board of Trustees meeting.

“Our planning approach will result in CSU courses primarily being delivered virtually for the fall 2020 term,” White told the board.

There will be limited exceptions for in-person activities that cannot be delivered virtually, and the exceptions will be defined once there are resources to ensure there are rigorous health and safety requirements in place, according to White.

“Predominantly, there will be limited in-person learning occurring,” White said.

Some of the exceptions could include clinical classes, physical and life science laboratory classes, performing and creative arts classes, and capstone projects for architecture, engineering, and agriculture students.

The chancellor called the safety requirements “expensive,” noting the need for more personal protective equipment and sanitization.

He also mentioned that the availability of on-campus student housing will be reduced.

“The granting of limited exceptions to permit in-person activities will continue to be informed by consultation with academic senates, associated students, staff council, and union leadership,” White said. “It will be based on compelling educational and research needs while continuing to meet safety benchmarks.”

According to White, format approaches across the system will vary depending on the local guidance pertinent to each campus. Some campuses will move exclusively online and other campuses will adopt more of a hybrid model, White said.

According to CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison, CSUN will announce its exact plans for the upcoming semester on May 18.

“It would be irresponsible to wait until summer to plan for virtual learning across the curriculum,” White said. “It is wise to plan now and over the next several months with enriched training and virtual learning environments only to pull back again in the fall as in-person circumstances might allow.”