Carter Ace performs live at Vanalden Park in Northridge

Chris Torres and Michaella Huck

Carter Ace performed live at Vanalden Park in Northridge on Friday. The group consists of lead singer O’neil Carter Noah, back-up vocalist Alexus Andrade, bassist Daniel Durant, drummer Gio Alford, guitarist Fahem Erfan and keyboardist Jon Redwood. 

The lead singer, who goes by Carter, met his bandmates at an open mic event five years ago in the suburban area of Canoga Park. After years of working on their craft, they started gaining attention after their most popular single, “I Think I’m Normal,” dropped in 2018. The group has accumulated a total of 5 million streams, according to their Instagram post. 

The band had multiple performances and events planned for 2020, but they were all canceled — including a concert on March 22 in London — due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since their concerts were halted, they decided to put together a small, local concert in their Northridge community at Vanalden Park. Carter said he was surprised by the turn out because he expected only 10 to 15 people to show up, rather than 30 to 40.

Carter Ace has a new single out called “What They Think” and the group will be putting out a new single every month until the end of the year.