Photo story: What does CSUN’s campus look like this fall?

Samantha Bravo, Assistant Campus Editor

The first day of a new semester usually consists of full parking structures at 8 a.m., a line out the door at the Freudian Sip coffee shop and crowds of students rushing to get to their first classes, but this semester is far from the usual.

As COVID-19 continues to alter the traditional experience of attending colleges and universities, most students will experience their classes not on campus but virtually through Zoom.

While most of the buildings on campus are closed, the CSUN campus store is open for students to rent or purchase their textbooks, laptops and other school supplies. Inside the bookstore on Monday, tape placed on the floor marked social distancing requirements for customers to follow and employees disinfected the counter and credit card processing machines after every customer transaction.

The Oviatt Library is closed but any books, videos and other materials can be returned to the library’s book drops located at the front of the library. According to the CSUN as One’s website, food areas remain closed, however, residential dining services such as Geronimo’s and the Matador Mercado will be available for individuals living in Student Housing.

Signs have been posted around campus and at building entrances to remind students and faculty to wear face coverings and practice physical distancing. Floor stickers were placed in every hallway and elevator as a reminder to maintain social distancing and to prevent congregations. Visitors, students and faculty are encouraged to complete a self-screening survey on the CSUN app or CSUN as One website.

While the campus will be mostly vacant throughout the semester, students and families can be seen walking around campus while wearing face coverings.

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