Business as (un)usual: Forever Healthy

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting small businesses in a plethora of ways. Businesses are being forced to adapt quickly amid changing guidelines and adhere to extensive safety protocols. The “Business as (un)usual” photo series highlights local small businesses near CSUN and dives into how they are navigating through the challenges they have to face in these times.


Daniel Mendez

Rachel Howry, the owner of Forever Healthy, poses with the top-selling drink Birthday Cake protein smoothie in Chatsworth, Calif,. on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020.

Daniel Mendez, Reporter

Forever Healthy, located inside the Chatsworth Center on Devonshire Street and Mason Avenue, provides the community with nutritious drinks, supplements and dietary plans to help people get in shape.

Located inside the Chatsworth center, Forever Healthy is spelled out in bold green lettering between a massage parlor and a nail salon.

Although the pandemic has slowed foot traffic, Forever Healthy has stayed open as an essential business because they provide food and other essential services to the community.

Rachel Howry, the owner of Forever Healthy, explained the mission and reason why she opened the store.

“We wanted to help people reach their goals and live a healthier lifestyle,” Howry said. “We work with people’s taste, schedule and preference to form a plan that works best for them.”

The pandemic has challenged Forever Healthy to focus on customer engagement as Howry mentioned many customers thought they were closed like other businesses were. For those customers who knew Forever Healthy was open however, they’ve remained true to their diet and have seen numerous weight goals being met according to Howry. She also said she met her weight goals by gaining 12 pounds of muscle through the nutrition programs they offer.

The protein smoothie menu stands out with customer favorites highlighted in a variety of colors with their unique flavor combinations. The nutrition bar features their daily special, which consists of a three-step experience meant to help your digestive health, boost your metabolism and provide the body with 21 essential nutrients. They have wide ranging options to choose from, including different types of chocolates, fruits, peanut butter and seasonal flavors.

Despite the lack of customer walk-ins, Howry has remained hopeful that business will pick up. She plans to open 10 more stores in the future and expand nationally to other states like Idaho, Washington and Nebraska.

Until then, the Chatsworth location remains open to serve the community by offering healthy alternatives for various dietary needs on a daily basis.

“We are open and welcome people to a positive environment where they can reach their weight goals while drinking our nutritious smoothies,” Howry said.