Business as (un)usual: Synchronizing to the beat with Magnitude Cheer

Samantha Bravo and Sonia Gurrola

Canopies have been a staple for businesses to be able to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, including Magnitude Cheer who had to move its athletic classes outdoors, and deal with social distancing and challenges with the weather conditions.

Magnitude Cheer owner Janae Cardona said most of her athletes couldn’t return when they were able to reopen, losing around half of the kids who were there in March.

“We definitely had people who were super excited, but there were a lot of people who were not ready to come back which I understand, everyones different,” Cardona said. “We definitely came back not by any means to how we were when we left in March.”

They had to make adjustments such as limit their in-person classes and place sticker labels around the facility that were seven-feet apart to provide enough space for each athlete. All visitors and employees are required to wear face masks while inside the facility and to have their temperatures checked before each lesson.

While the classes are limited to follow social distancing guidelines, the kids have more space to stretch and use the equipment to practice moves.

Cardona said all events and competitions this year had to be canceled due to the pandemic, so they began to organize events virtually. Magnitude Cheer is located in Northridge and provides cheerleading and tumbling classes from ages 4 to 18.