Zen Zones: Places for Angelenos to relax under the sun

Nadine Cortez, Reporter

The coronavirus pandemic may have forced residents to stay home, but Los Angeles is an outdoor city — there are plenty of activities people can do to relieve the tensions brought on by the pandemic.

From hikes with scenic viewpoints to botanical gardens flourishing with wildlife, we will update this list weekly with pandemic-safe list of places Angelenos can take advantage of to get away from the stresses of life and find their zen while staying safe.

Reseda Park:

Serenity and sunlight filled the Reseda Park, where the wildlife do as they please and entertain the locals that come around. It has a dirt path around the pond where people can walk to see the turtles, birds and fish. With the quiet environment, the park is one of the many perfect places in the San Fernando Valley to unwind during these stressful times. There were people walking their dogs, showing their kids around, taking photos, etc.

The charm of this park can be attributed to the enjoyment of the people that visited, such as Adamy Palacios and her two-year-old niece, Lia Romo. The local wildlife piqued Romo’s curiosity and she was not hesitant to interact with them at all. Palacios and Romo played with the birds along the pond pathway and they both were grinning from ear-to-ear from excitement. They are frequent visitors of the park because they live close by and they both benefit from being outdoors.

“We try to come once or twice a week depending on our schedules,” Palacios said. “This way, we can both get sunlight and she’s able to walk around instead of watching ‘Moana’ all day.”

Kids like Romo are able to see local wildlife up close by visiting the pond and observing from a safe distance. The birds found here vary in colors and sizes and the behaviors they exhibit can put a smile on anyone’s face.

As the day went on, more people came by for an afternoon visit to the park. Following the social distancing guidelines, most were present was wearing masks and staying apart to ensure safety.

There is so much of the park to be explored, but the Reseda Park is a prime spot to have a relaxing fun time.