Metapharus pictured performing on stage

Meet upcoming CSUN rapper Metaphaurus

CSUN alumni is building a fan-base with his style; combining 90s beats with a modern tweak
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Last Show of Semester

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss NBA, football, hockey, and soccer. Don't miss the last episode until fall 2017!
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Greenlight Lights Out: Turn the Lights Back On

It's our final episode of Greenlight Lights Out! Gonzalo is joined by frequent collaborator, Lynda and producer of the show Alex Razo. Gonzalo discusses his time at The Sundial and the various pranks he pulled...
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Greenlight: The Series Finale

It's time for a throwback to one of our classic podcasts. Listen to the Final Lost Episode of Greenlight! Go??nzalo and Chauncey are joined by regular guest and sometimes co-host Lynda. On our final...